"Technology" selected for 2019 State of the Arts show in Prairie Village, KS

"Technology," one of my larger woven wall hangings, will be on exhibit Sept. 30-Nov. 1 at the 2019 State of the Arts Show at the R.G. Endres Gallery in Prairie Village, KS. It has its own little nook at the show, which is kind of cool.

"Technology" is a happy jumble of non-traditional materials, including copper wire, copper pipe, phone cable/wire, phone cords, extension cords, computer accessories and appliance cords. It's five feet wide by about five and a half feet high. This was one of the first pieces I wove on the 48-inch rigid heddle loom that came into my life in 2018 in part as a result of funds from an Inspiration Grant from the ArtsKC Regional Arts Council. 

Some of the cords and wire were made possible in part by Tim Sanders and Austin Raines, a pair of guys with box cutters who were clearing out a house in Independence, MO, that had been sold and was being prepped for remodel/renovation. The personal property in the house had been left behind, and Tim and Austin made fast work of removing several lamp, microwave and other appliance cords. That first dive into the world of non-traditional materials was an inspiration for me to look for other similar items that might be flexible enough to weave through a copper wire warp. Many of the other treasures came from thrift stores, eBay and the weird, weird, weird "It's Five Dollars" store. Treasures were everywhere!

The gallery at 7700 Mission Road is open weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The show includes artwork in a range of media.