Breast cancer wall hanging selected for virtual exhibit at Webster Arts

"Breast Cancer Me," my woven wall hanging, has been selected for inclusion in the Webster Arts' "Open Theme Annual 2021" national exhibition that starts Jan. 19, 2021. This is a virtual exhibit.

"Breast Cancer Me" (76" x 26") is an expression of grief and loss related to my experiences with breast cancer. The work is made of yarns, medical materials, compression wraps, and a nylon wig. It is a self-portrait. It is one of six works included in the Bra Therapy Project that was created in 2018 to deal with my emotions after a year of cancer-related treatment and care. 

All of the works in "Open Theme Annual 2021" will be published at the Webster Arts website under the Exhibits tab. The exhibit will be hosted on EXHIBBIT. 

There will be an opening with a Facebook Live event. 

There were 682 submissions; 64 works were selected.