Third Large-Scale Wall Hanging, "Technology," Completed

The third large-scale wall hanging in the "Environments" series has been completed. "Technology" features a tangle of computer cables and accessories with cords, power cords, phone cords, cable cords, power cord bundles, and raw copper wire. The hanging rods are copper pipe.

Most of these materials were removed from household items such as lamps and appliances or were obtained by purchasing discarded computer accessories from private sources. They were woven into a raw copper wire warp.

My initial apprehension about the frequent handling of copper wire due to an allergy to various metals gave way almost immediately to greater challenges. Because of the presence of thick wire within several of these cords, the cords were not very flexible. Flattening and bending the cords was a struggle during the weaving process. What to do with the objects at the ends of some of the cords was a question: Do I cut them off and use just the cords, or do I leave the object attached so the view can see what sort of cord it is? I decided to leave smaller objects attached.

This photo shows the main part of the weaving, which measures 45 inches high by 60 inches wide. I am continuing to add items to the piece now that it is off the loom.