Wall hanging. Tapestry. Cloth. All of these are meant to be seen and touched.

"Grand Canyon Rememory" was created in the spring of 2018, after a particularly dreary, cloudy and cold winter seemed to have sucked the life out of those of us who live in the midwest. My eyes wanted to see bright colors. My skin wanted to feel the warmth of the sun under a wide-open blue sky. My hands wanted to touch the multitude of textures that different fibers provide. My soul wanted to experience the sensations of joy that these things in combination can create. Arizona was on my mind. So I wove.

"Grand Canyon Rememory"
77" x 27"

"Grand Canyon Rememory" 
detail of spineless ocotillo and cholla pieces

"Grand Canyon Rememory"
detail of Colorado River rapids

This wall hanging is available for purchase at The Artisan Market, Liberty, Mo.


Unknown said…

Hello, is this your work? We would love to know!

Thank you!
Susan said…
Alas, the lovely artwork at the Asheville Art Museum is not my work. I began weaving in 2014. -- Susan