Over the winter, "By a Thread" art exhibition has taken shape!

   "By a Thread" has taken shape during the winter. Connections have been made, events have been scheduled, art is in production. Things are coming together! 

   "By a Thread" is a climate-change/environment-focused art exhibition scheduled for Oct. 8-30, 2021, at The Artisan Market in Liberty, MO. In planning this exhibition, I adopted the perspective that the  environment isn't a static situation, so an art exhibition that focuses on it shouldn't be static, either. To that end, the month-long project will feature my fiber artworks, plus several free events, programs and activities that invite and encourage the public to take part. The whole project is designed to increase awareness about climate change and environmental sustainability. Here's how the project is taking shape. 

   First of all, The Artisan Market, where the exhibition will take place, has remodeled its new retail gallery space at 118 N. Main St. in Liberty. The gallery is owned by Shawn Garland. It features the artwork of 25 local and regional artists in all media. These artists will have the opportunity to create climate-change-themed artwork for October, while the exhibition is happening in the Hangar, the large warehouse space adjacent to the retail gallery. Remodeling is still happening in the Hangar area to prepare it for vendor use during the summer months. Here's what it looked like last fall, when Shawn invited me to come take a look at the space. It has super-high curved ceilings, exposed beams and trusses, and lots of natural light. In a way, it reminds me of a cathedral. I'm not sure what plans are under way for remodeling; I'll update periodically. 

Hangar space at The Artisan Market

    Next, I have made arrangements with Phillip Drake, Ph.D., to present a program about the intersection of art and climate change. Drake teaches in the Environmental Studies program at University of Kansas in Lawrence. For more than a decade, he has researched and written about the impacts of an environmental disaster that in 2006 devastated a community in Indonesia and continues to create environmental problems. I'll share more about Dr. Drake's presentation in the coming months. 

    Then there are a couple of community outreach programs in the works. One is a children's story hour for 5- to 10-year-olds, where I will share several age-appropriate stories by contemporary writers about climate change and environmental sustainability. Children will also have the opportunity to experience an art exhibition and look at the artworks on display. The other program is a half-day workshop for middle and high school students, where wire sculptures in the shape of trees will be made out of new, recycled and natural materials. The finished sculptures will be displayed in the Hangar at The Artisan Market till the end of the exhibition. Then they will be relocated to Liberty's beautiful new Mid-Continent Public Library branch for display during the month of November. 

    I will also make a presentation about art-making with abandoned and recycled fabrics. And tours can be arranged by appointment. In the meantime, here's a photo of "Little Bleached Reef," an artwork that will find its way into the exhibition.  Mark your calendar. Stay tuned. I hope to see you there. 

Little Bleached Reef  (Weaving, Knitting, Wrapping; 10" x 22")


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